The Quality of Our Service is the Same,
It’s Only a Name Change

Providing Wastewater Reclamation, Treatment and Reuse to the Town of Payson and Surrounding Areas Since 1965

Northern Gila County Sanitary District rebrands to Green Valley Water

A new name and brand does not change the level of service for Green Valley Water customers. Learn more about Green Valley Water’s decision to rebrand.

Take a Tour of Green Valley Water

Watch a preview and register for a tour of the Green Valley Water Wastewater Treatment Facility in Payson, Arizona.

Before You Flush: Remember the Three P’s

Common Items you are flushing down your toilet or putting down the drain that damage the pipes in your home and cause chaos in Green Valley Water’s sewer system.

The Green Valley Water Treatment Process

Green Valley Water keeps the Town of Payson and surrounding areas beautiful with its wastewater reclamation, treatment and reuse.

Chris Higgins Shares What He Experienced During His Tour at Green Valley Water

Host, Chris Higgins and guest, Garrett Goldman talk about public tours and the importance of understanding the water reclamation process. Aired: Thursday, July 22, 2021

About Green Valley Water

Green Valley Water provides wastewater reclamation, treatment, and reuse to the Town of Payson and surrounding areas. Without the use of chemicals, the multi-step process renews every drop. GVW Class A+ Water replenishes the lush green parks, ball fields, and golf courses throughout the community. Green Valley Park is the epicenter of the town and provides families with a clean, safe recreational area accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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Green Valley Water's water treatment facility process trains